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Embrace Those That Inspire and Empower
You To Be Your Best...
It's Magical!

LINDA GAIL was born in Oberlin, Ohio, located in a small Liberal Arts college town noted for the Music Conservatory, Performing Arts and the Underground Railroad. She comes from a family of Artists and is the eldest of five. Her father, a Graphic Artist, inspired her at an early age with his designs and entrepreneurial spirit and her mother, Historian and Genealogist inspired her with courage and self-determination. "I have learned a great deal in life from my mother's drive. She taught me Independence, Determination and Perseverance."

Linda is an Alumna of FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles, California.

Linda is the proud mother of two children; daughter, Actress and Model and son who is a leader in Sales and Real Estate and 3 grandchildren.

Linda has participated in many Gift shows including the Ohio Kidney Foundation and has donated her elegant Women and Girl's Accessories to the Princeton Ballet Silent Auction, the Atlanta Ballet Silent Auction as well as the National Black Arts Festival Silent Auction.

Linda's passion has always been Fashion and to share her Magical, Elegant, Fresh and Unique fashions...TIMELESS designs for Women and Girls' Special Occasion Dresses, Gowns and Accessories.

Linda has premiered her Collections with several productions in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Los Angeles and New York Fashion Weeks.


Our Vision is to enrich and empower the lives of children through the World of Fashion. May our future generations not only realize the Beauty and Creativity they possess within but also realize how they can Inspire and Empower others to Greatness!

 "A Child is like a Flower
 Ready to Blossom
 Show the World Absolute Beauty"




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